Thursday, October 11, 2012

Compilation on netbeans

It is impossible for my PC to compile a source code of C on Netbeans even though it has no syntax error.(Netbeans is a software that provides a function of editor and display of programming)
The source cord can be compiled on command prompt.
I guess the reason is......The environment , setting of NB or the place it is saved in

I am not used to programming, but I will keep trying even if I see many errors.

Eventually, Nilas fixed it by changing the compiler and some manipulation.
That is so kind of him.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The essay about Khazars

I finished to write the essay of ELA that I can choose a topic freely.
My topic is Khazar empire, located in north west Asia.
Khazars are people who accepted Judaism in 8 century.
They were originally Turkic nomad people.
The reason why Khazars were converted to Judaism is.........

Don't you think it's fun?

Danny, who is my dorm mate revised the essay politely and kindly.
I really thank him.

Behavior and imitation.

What makes our habits and attitudes. After I was born, I have been getting information from outside until the death in a society.
My behavior is influenced by other people and stories they made consciously or subconsciously. In other words, I imitates other people to live in a society.

Focusing on stories, such as novels, dramas, plays, movies, MAD movies, and so on, they powerfully influence me if I doesn't care and perhaps even if I does care.
Usually, a story has main characters, they talk with each other and sometimes love or share or fight. In a story, they influence and Evaluate each other. I ,often, imitate them.

I should pay attention to that a story I read or watch is just one of many stories and made by somebody. It is sometimes for one's purpose. It is important to get out of a story after soaked in it and to see it with cool and calm mind. I should, then, evaluate the story and judge if I accept behaviors in it. Stories give me a chance to review my behavior.

That' all.


I feel that change is to deny the contemporary self.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


    I do expose one of my aspects which I don't want to say usually as a student.
 I sometimes watch MAD movies on niconico, in particular Kaiba-shachou series.
But I know it is not so good to watch it in my room alone for my brain and mind because I am not socialized when watching.

     Today, when I was watching MAD movies alone on weekend, Tagen came in to my room suddenly. I hasitated to tell him what I was doing before he came.
Tagen is a really "intelligent" person and asked me of a philosophical proposition. But my mind has been MAD at that time. I tried to but, could not return a good answer with normal mind set.

I appreciate him for saving me.
I am not very strong, and need other people.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Classical guitar

I played clair de lune , that was composed by Debbusy, with the guitar in front of club mates.  It was sweet of them to give comments about the play. Friends of mine also played theirs,  I enjoyed it.
The tune is not so easy to play, but I will make it better.
 I want to ask Enya- san , who is a professional guitarist and sometimes instructs players, to listen to and advise.
 Our concert will take place on 12.15 at Musashi-sakai.
I'm looking forward to. If you have time , please come.